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Open and Above Board
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Titus Dittmann has been a lot of things: 2CV mechanic in the Sahara desert, hang-glider and snowboard pioneer, secondary school teacher, entrepreneur of the year and racecar driver. The man with the beanie, who made skateboarding popular in Germany and who has left a mark on generations of children and teenagers with his legendary company TITUS can't be pigeonholed. Blunt, captivating and self-deprecating, he portrays his journey through life from the Westerwald mountain range to Afghanistan. He talks about self-built cars, skateboard legend Tony Hawk, and the happy feeling of having nothing left to lose. This is all true to the motto: "Don't let others butt into your life! Do your own thing, but take responsibility if it doesn't work out!"OPEN AND ABOVE BOARD is all in one: an iconic book, an economic crime story and lively chronicle.

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