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3H Grand Paris Tour in 2CV CITROEN
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You are in Paris for a short period of time and do not know where to start from ? Paris has so much history, world famous monuments and different neighborhoods to visit. You think you do not have the time to visit them all ? The 3h Grand Paris tour will help you out. It is the most complete tour that will give you a real taste of Paris and cover all aspects. You will be also able to take a break at any sightseeings to take beautiful captures for your best memories. The itinerary combines the most famous monuments, as well as the hidden gems in the middle of the local french areas, from St Germain des prés to Ile de la cité, Le marais, all the way up to Montmartre. Thanks to its small size, the 2CV allows us to go via the narrow adjacent streets where touristic buses cannot go. Of course, you will can customize the itinerary to your preferences.

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