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Enjoy Old Holland in a VIP 2CV limousine!
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Enjoy Old Holland in a very unique way! We offer private tours in a 2cv limousine! This extended spacious classic car has an optional open roof and the great suspension that this car is known for. We take you to the 'must see' Dutch heritage places the Zaanse Schans and Volendam. Here, you have time to explore this places by yourself. In between we drive in the limousine and visit UNESCO world heritage the Beemster. This is reclaimed land that made Amsterdam great! The Beemster is known for it's cheese and authentic Dutch villages Middenbeemster en De Rijp. The limousine 2CV VIP tour let's you travel in a very relaxed way in a one-of-a-kind classic car. It contains the full Dutch experience: cheese, clogs, Dutch villages and in april/may even tulipfields! Our guides are more than happy to pick you up at the hotel in Amsterdam. They are local enthousiasts who would like to answer all your questions about our beloved Old Holland.

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