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Saint-Emilion half-day Wine Tour in a Citroën 2...
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Discover the Saint-Emilion vineyard in a convertible 2CV. A village listed as a world heritage site in UNESCO, wonderful wineries and picturesque roads...The perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience!Welcomed by a cultured and elegant chauffeur, you'll enjoy his funny and unknown anecdotes about this vineyard.Along this excursion, you will enjoy a visit and a wine tasting (between 2 and 3 wines) to a classified château. Your chauffeur will also make you discover the village of Saint-Emilion on foot for about an hour. You will stop at a macaroon producer for a tasting. Macaroons are the second specialty of Saint-Emilion after wine!After this walking tour, you will get back in your 2CV and your chauffeur will lead you on small roads offering a unique panorama on Saint-Emilion and its châteaux…Do you have the spirit of an adventurer? If you wish, you can take the wheel of your 2CV on a small country road!**Please make sure you have a valid driving license with you.

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